Jurassic World Alive Is Pokémon Go With Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Alive Is Pokémon Go With Dinosaurs
March 20, 2018

Thanks to Pokémon G, augmented reality games are going to be all the rage for many years to come. Universal is now doing its damndest to cash in on the craze with the newly announced Jurassic World Alive, which is set to launch on mobile devices later this year.


As you can probably imagine, Jurassic World Alive is basically Pokémon Go with dinosaurs. I don’t know what else I can say about the game because that just about sums it up. You’ll have to track down virtual dinosaurs using your mobile device, which will then be able to battle other dinosaurs in competitive arena fights. So yeah, Pokémon Go with dinosaurs.


Jurassic World Alive is being developed by Ludia, and will be released on iPhone, iPad, and Android in the near future. And whether or not you think it will be too similar to the aforementioned Pokémon Go, you still have to admit that the sound of the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s signature roar, which we hear in the first trailer below, is enough to bring a smile to the faces of fans of Universal’s blockbuster franchise… a franchise which will continue to roll in the big bucks when Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom hits theaters on June 22nd.

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