Jedi Challenges: Train Your Light Saber Skills In AR

Jedi Challenges: Train Your Light Saber Skills In AR
July 16, 2017

All your Jedi dreams just came true at D23 with the unveiling of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, an augmented reality game that will let you train to perfect your light saber skills. 


To introduce the game on Saturday, Disney also unveiled its own AR headset that was developed in collaboration with Lenovo and Lucasfilm. Not much was revealed in terms of technical details, but it appears to be lightweight, visually well designed, and slips on and off fairly easily. 


Unlike the HoloLens, the Disney AR headset uses your smartphone (which slides into a cradle on the device) as the driver of the software. 

As for how the game works, specifics are still to come, but it appears that the game will pair a light saber handle with what is presumably the laser shaft of the light saber represented in AR and viewable through the headset. 

Another AR gaming treat revealed during the presentation was the holochess game from the famous Star Wars scene aboard the Millennium Falcon. Even less was unveiled regarding when that might come to Star Wars fans — the sequence included what looked like an AR strategy game as well — but footage of the game in use (above) offers a promising hint that it won't be long. 


A release date for Star Wars: Jedi Challenges wasn't announced, but the launch site promises that it's coming to Best Buy soon. 

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