Island 359 Gets Oculus Touch Support

Island 359 Gets Oculus Touch Support
April 28, 2017

CloudGate Gives Their Game a Major Upgrade, Island 359 Gets Oculus Touch Support


Not an HTC Vive gamer and still want to enjoy the pleasures of hunting beastly dinos in the digital realm? Well, now Oculus users can join in on the fun. CloudGate expands their VR support for their upcoming game and Island 359 gets Oculus Touch support. The patch pushed on the steam Early Access title introduces a new way to experience Island 359 in glorious virtual reality along with a combination of new features and behavioral tweaks.

When Island 359 originally launched on Steam Early Access, it was an exclusive release for the HTC Vive. It’s been a long time since August 2016, and developers have been tinkering away at all sorts of new methods of gameplay, such as the Vive tracker support, and now we can see that there was much, much more that they had in store for their supporters. 


Not only did CloudGate Studios bring the Oculus Rift with Touch support, which includes both standing gameplay and room-scale action, new features have also been thrown into the mix for all of their players. Players are now able to highlight items on the ground, allowing for an easier way to select and pick up items, the menus have been improved, the Jungle got a big graphical, environmental upgrade, and a Loot Drop is now available on the Beach map.


Oh, and as for dinos, there are even more T-Rexes than ever before and raptors also have updated AI, so now they can jump to attack and other smaller, behavior changes.


You can take part in the action on the Island 359 Steam Early Access page HERE! What’s even better it’s currently on sale for 15% off.


Have you gotten your hands on Island 359? Let us know what you think about the game in the comments below!





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