iRacing : IndyCars in VR!

iRacing : IndyCars in VR!
August 6, 2017

When contemplating VR, this series was the one that pushed me over the edge. Yea, this type of racing is AWESOME in VR! More below.

Some thoughts on VR:

-Audio was recorded from the Rift's mic, rather than my usual ModMic. Doesn't sound too bad IMO.

-Looks like it's recording the left eye display.

-In game isn't shaky or jittery.

-Getting used to being able to turn your eyes AND your head as in the real world has been somewhat challenging. Sounds stupid, but getting used to how far you move your head and how much space your eyes have to move in that display takes getting used to. Think it's because I've been a single screen sim racer for a long while, so my brain doesn't approach it as it does a real car, if that makes sense.

-VR so far for me has been frickin' sweet! Jumping into a car is like, "woah, IM IN A CAR!", on the pre grid on pit lane it's almost irristable to flip a thumbs up even though you know you are an idiot for doing so. lol

-Testing at LRP (morning time of day) in the 488 GTE I could feel my arm warming in the sun, despite knowing it wasn't actually warming and knowing that wasn't possible. Same with feeling like you are wearing gloves when you know you aren't. You know, your brain knows... but that guy tends to forget he knows it's not real - it's goofy.

- The videos don't show well. In game looking ahead I can only see the inside edges of the mirror housings, but in this video I can see most of the left mirror here at all times. Also, the view in video is lower - more of the video is cockpit, when you can actually see a lot up above.

-Vertical FoV is substantial - as good as my "IRL" FoV with glasses on. In tin tops you can see the roll bars and a bit of roof above, and your feet in GT style cars.

-Horizontal FoV is less than what you'd get on a triple screen setup, but not what I'd consider a major hindrance. Not much worse than glasses - probably comparable to some thicker rimmed glasses, minus the peripheral vision. Non 4 eyes may find it more restrictive though.

-Speed. For some reason, it feels "faster". I noticed it more in my road course testing. It's tough for me to say for sure though - could be my vision causing my marks to come into view later, could be because it's 3D, could be the higher vertical FoV and what seems to be a resulting lower feeling in the car. Even on triples you generally see very little of the cockpit, in VR you see a fair bit of it. I do not think it is as simple as a wider FoV meaning more peripheral vision, meaning more sense of speed.

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