Intruders Horror Game To Launch Soon On PSVR

Intruders Horror Game To Launch Soon On PSVR
January 28, 2019

PlayStation VR gamers might be interested to know that the unique horror game Intruders: Hide and Seek virtual reality game will be launching on the PSVR platform next month and will be available to scare you from February 13th, 2019 onwards. Created by Tessera Studios Intruders is a VR first person stealth experience where you play Ben, a 13 year old child in the worst night of his life… check out the teaser trailer below to learn more.


“Imagine you are a little kid enjoying your days with your family in your house on the outskirts. Suddenly, three intruders break into your home and kidnap your whole family. They still do not know you are there and you have little time to help your beloved ones. You must move around unnoticed, trying to survive to your worst nightmare come true…”


“In 2016 Intruders: Hide and Seek won the Fun & Serious award for the Best University Project of the year, PlayStation Talents best game for the Press Award, and the PlayStation Talents Best Game of the year Award. Tessera Studios We are a young passionate studio founded in Madrid in 2016. What started the partnership for the U-Tad final project, it ended as a true dream come true.”

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