HTC Vive Studios Unveils Two New Titles

HTC Vive Studios Unveils Two New Titles
November 17, 2017
Above: HTC Vive's Front Defense: Heroes.
Image Credit: HTC


HTC continues to invest in new software for its Vive virtual reality headset, as the company today unveiled two new titles: Super Puzzle Galaxy and Front Defense: Heroes.


The two new first-party VR games are coming to the Vive in early December 2017. Developer 2 Bears Studio created Super Puzzle Galaxy as a physics-based VR puzzle game, while Fantahorn Studios created Front Defense: Heroes, a multiplayer World War II shooter.


“We are excited to showcase the best of room-scale VR gaming as we approach Vive Studios’ one year anniversary,” said Joel Breton, Vice President of Vive Studios, in a statement. “Super Puzzle Galaxy unleashes mind-bending puzzles and empowers creativity with user-generated tools for creating and sharing your own puzzles. Front Defense: Heroes, builds on one of the most successful games from Vive Studios and delivers a compelling multi-player experience. The team at Fantahorn has created an
innovative VR movement system that we are calling “V-Move”. We think that players are going to absolutely love this new movement method that allows for concise and compelling multiplayer gameplay in VR.”

Above: Super Puzzle Galaxy
Image Credit: HTC


2 Bears Studio previously created Vive Studio’s debut title Arcade Saga. The new title is set on an intergalactic planet, where players manipulate the world’s terrain to solve physics-based puzzles. By pushing, pulling, and manipulating sand and other objects, players vie to create the fastest pathways and unlock new ball abilities. At launch, the game will feature leaderboards and 48 pre-built puzzles.


In addition, Super Puzzle Galaxy allows users to create their own puzzles with an in-game editor which they can share then with the community to play. Super Puzzle Galaxy will be available early December on Steam for $10 and for a limited time the new title will have a launch discount of 75 percent off.


“Super Puzzle Galaxy was born out of a passion for creating compelling and engaging VR content for the whole family that challenges the player’s problem solving and creative abilities,” said David Sapienza, executive producer of 2 Bears Studio, in a statement. “Adding user-generated content was a core tenet of creating something that empowers the community, and Super Puzzle Galaxy delivers a unique room-scale VR experience. We’re excited to see the levels and Rube Goldberg contraptions the community is able to come up with.”

Above: Fantahorn Studios has created Front Defense: Heroes.
Image Credit: HTC


Fantahorn Studios previously created Front Defense. The new game features 5-versus-5 multiplayer, where you can play as the Axis or the Allies. Players can access multiple maps, weapons, and game modes, including capture the flag, death match and defense mission mode to keep gameplay fresh and exciting. Fantahorn is also debuting a unique locomotion system called “V-Move” that adds to the strategy and drama of intense online battles.


Front Defense: Heroes will be available in early December on Steam and Viveport for a promotional price of $5.


“With Front Defense: Heroes we’ve built upon our experience with Front Defense to engage the community and offer new challenges with every match,” said River Ho, Front Defense producer, in a statement. “As a dynamic multiplayer shooter, Front Defense: Heroes lends itself perfectly to the competitive ethos of VR esports, an important feature as VR gaming matures.”


Meanwhile, HTC also announced a variety of holiday game and headset bundles for the HTC Vive.

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