How VR Gadgets Are Changing Online Gaming

How VR Gadgets Are Changing Online Gaming
November 17, 2016

Video game technology has drastically evolved over the past 50 years. Who can remember being excited to play PONG or playing Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy? Gamers today would take one look at that technology and wonder why they are being punished. They’ve been playing realistic, cutting edge games on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.


Get in the Game


One of the more exciting things about playing a VR game is the feeling of actually being there live. Step up to the plate and try your luck hitting a baseball as it flies towards you at 90 mph, or feel the turns as your race car flies around the track.


Other gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii and Xbox Kinect rely on players moving around, which gives off the feeling of actually playing the game, as opposed to just pressing buttons on the controller. This brings us to the future of gaming, wearing a VR gadget on your head, and actually inserting yourself in the game.

VR can be used in more than just video games though; online casino players can enhance their gaming experience as well. Instead of playing at home alone, players with a VR headset can get right in on the action from the comfort of their couch. One of the “live casino” popular games is live roulette that is improving all the time thanks to the VR technology and allowing online casino players to interact with other players and watch as the croupier throws the marble on a roulette wheel.


Revolutionizing Online Gaming


VR is completely changing gaming as we currently know it. Over the past year we’ve seen the release of several new headsets including the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and the HTC Vive. As these technologies continue to improve, and others will inevitably be brought to market, the games and technology will only get better.


Video game graphics have evolved over the years to the point where they almost seem real. But as good as they are, they can’t come close to what a VR game can bring to the table. The HTC Vive offers players a 360-degree view of the game. The Oculus Rift works at 233 million pixels per second and the Samsung Gear VR has improved the viewing angle from 96 degrees to 101 degrees, which reduces the glare and cuts down on the reflections.


These specs are game changing, and will only continue to get better, forever revolutionizing gaming as we know it.

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