How Fast Can You Escape The 'Stocksynd House'?

How Fast Can You Escape The 'Stocksynd House'?
March 29, 2020

CyberFlux Games has recently published a new VR title called Stockynd House.


Stocksynd House is a virtual reality escape room game where you must make the dashing exit to save your life. And while you might have experienced many escape room games described in that manner, CyberFlux Games attempts to build this game around a unique story.



- An emotional and creepy horror story that unfolds as you play.

- Interesting puzzles that make you think.

- A beautiful, immersive and claustrophobic environment that changes around you.

- Stunning high fidelity graphics with photorealistic lighting.

- 100’s of interactable physics-based props and items.

- Smooth Locomotion system for an ultimate feeling of presence.

- Optional Locomotion comfort mode.

- Seated or standing play modes.

- Lovingly created audio providing tension and fear.

- Tons of hidden secrets.

- A fun and diverse collection of achievements.

- Play with hints enabled in Guided Mode or no assistance in Realistic Mode.

- Easy to jump into and play.


Stocksynd House is available on the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. If you wanted an interesting escape room VR experience, this might be on your list.

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