Horror And Myth Collide In Theseus VR Experience

Horror And Myth Collide In Theseus VR Experience
February 17, 2017

The unprecedented mix of myth, horror, and VR just might be the immersive experience we’ve been looking for.


Forge Reply has invested numerous resources to get the most out of their newest game, Theseus. But to deliver the most immersive and worthwhile experience, they’ve elected VR as their medium. Thus, myth and horror come together like never-before. Get lost in dark fascination of one of the oldest tales as you play Theseus, the hero who ventures into a grief-laden labyrinth ruled by the Minotaur, where you struggle to survive monsters and the unseen.Get an early glimpse right now by watching the game’s introductory teaser above.


Here’s what players can expect from this spine-tingling VR title:

  • Theseus’ myth revisited in a fresh, innovative way

  • Story-driven action adventure with a dark tone

  • A cinematic approach to Virtual Reality

  • Face the Minotaur and fight his minions

  • Discover the truth behind your quest for survival


Lost with your wits as your primary asset, the only guidance to follow is the ever-distance voice of Ariadne. This time around, Theseus may need a little bit more than a ball of yarn to arrive safely on the other side. The environment is hostile, fear-inducing, and utterly unpredictable. Therefore, cunning and stealth provide the key to your salvation. Are you as resourceful and undaunted as Theseus? That’s what this experience aims to find out.


We hope to learn more about this game of myth as development progresses. We’ll keep you updated on content and release windows as they arrive. 

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