Homebound Now Available: Space Survival In VR

Homebound Now Available: Space Survival In VR
February 18, 2017

Homebound, the space survival title for VR devices is now available from the Steam store and comes with a 20% discount for a week after release. It focuses on the story of a lone astronaut who must overcome a series of catastrophic events that begin taking place in deep space. The game is apparently rather short, but incredibly intense.


This is Quixel’s debut VR title, but they have worked alongside other AAA games developing graphic technologies for titles such as Battlefield, Destiny, Halo, DOOM, and more. Homebound has been created with Quixel SUITE which is used in most of today’s AAA titles. As a result, Homebound has some wonderful looking surfaces and… well you can see for yourself in the trailer here.

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