Here's What's Coming To The Gear VR This Month

Here's What's Coming To The Gear VR This Month
April 6, 2017

Are you ready for more Gear VR apps?


The biggest mobile VR library is getting a lot bigger this month! Oculus is planning a big surprise party for the Gear VR near the end of the month, with a bunch of games launching with support for the new Controller! Adding a special Controller you can see from inside the headset is going to be a lot of fun, but it's far from the only thing coming to the Gear VR this month.


Notable releases this month


Here's what we've found so far!


A Night Sky - April 7

This free game from Coatsink Software is offering a connect-the-dots type game with all of the stars in the sky. Build existing constellations, or make a few of your own! Expect Gear VR Controller support when the hardware is available at the end of the month.


Sing Space

The latest from Harmonix has been teased by the Oculus team more than once, and we finally get to dive in and have some fun with it this month! Join a VR karaoke jam with friends or strangers, and rack up points as your sweet lyrics line up with what you see on the board.



It may have launched first on Oculus Rift with Touch Support, but with the Gear VR Controller as a flight stick this game is going to be be a lot of fun!


S.W.A.T. Academy

Can't have a Gear VR Controller lineup without something to use that trigger button with, right? This is going to be an intense shooter with lots of action, so hold on to that new controller tight!


Break A Leg

Weild your wand to solve puzzles and get out of trouble! A demo for this game will be available alongside the Gear VR Controller launch, with the full game expected later in the year!


Honorable mentions


Oculus has made it clear these games are coming soon, but there isn't a ton of information available just yet.


  • * Hologrid

  • * The Guidance Team

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