Hardcore VR Mil-Sim Contractors VR Comes To Quest

Hardcore VR Mil-Sim Contractors VR Comes To Quest
May 23, 2020

The free open beta includes 4 large-scale maps and support for cross-play with PC.


Contractors VR developer Caveman Studio today announced a brand new update to its team-based multiplayer shooter Contractors VR which introduces support for Oculus Quest headsets as part of an ongoing open beta.


Oculus Quest users can now download and side-load the competitive mil-sim experience directly onto their standalone headset via Github. All of the game modes featured in the original 2018 PC VR release are there, including Bounty, Control, Extraction, Gun Game, and Team Deathmatch. In addition to existing content, the Quest release also introduces four new large-scale maps to explore as well as cross-play support for the PC beta version.


Before you get started installing you’ll want to be sure your headset is set to “Developer Mode”; this will allow you to sideload files directly onto your headset. If not, head to developer.oculus.com and signup as a developer; it’s quick, easy, and 100% free. Once you’ve registered an organization to your account you can then enable Developer Mode in the settings of your Oculus app. Then it’s just a matter of downloading the Contractors bat file and installing it on your Quest headset via PC.

I’ve always felt as though Contractors never got the attention it deserved upon its release, which is why I’m so excited to see the tactical VR shooter get a second chance with audiences on Quest. While the game isn’t without its flaws, it remains one of the more polished competitive VR shooters on VR headsets, offering a pleasant middle ground between competing multiplayer shooters like Pavlov VR and Onward.


For more information visit contractorsvr.com or head to the games’ official Discord.

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