Hangry Bunnies From Mars Set To Invade Us Soon

Hangry Bunnies From Mars Set To Invade Us Soon
August 15, 2017

These rabbits know no limits. They are many, they are violent, they are … hangry. Hangry Bunnies from Mars is the latest venture by Studio229 into the VR market. There is no better place for hundreds of bunnies tearing at your flesh than in the panic-induced space of Virtual Reality. From the press release: “Who loves being eaten to death by bunnies? (No one.) Especially not hundreds of them. Which is why the not-so-subtly-named extermination company Critter Death Squad is using you as its latest Exterminator to single-handedly hold off this hangry horde. Never mind the fact that you’re an extremely expendable clone (and they’ll just grow a new one if you die), because what really matters is the fact that you’re equipped with some seriously awesome transforming weapons that excel at unleashing critter death.”


Players will suit up using some ridiculous weapons to take on these starved hares, all the while enjoying hilarious running commentary from Colin the British engineer and Vlad the Russian tactician. Featuring a script written by a Hollywood team–including Jeremy Adams, writer and producer for Lego, DC Comics, Monsuno and more. Hangry Bunnies from Mars features a dynamic difficulty adjuster that keeps gameplay consistent regardless of VR expertise, making it a great experience for beginners and skilled shooters alike. New Los Angeles needs your help! (Old Los Angeles has fallen).


The game launches on August 23 for the HTC Vive with Oculus Touch support releasing shortly afterwards. Check out the website for more info and trailer here.

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