Half Life: Alyx Leaks New Screenshots

Half Life: Alyx Leaks New Screenshots
January 16, 2020
Half-Life: Alyx Screenshot: This picture shows a grimy underground environment. The level of detail, just like in the other pictures, is very impressive and there is some beautiful background lighting.  That underground setting can also be seen in the picture below which has an “infestation control” warning sign.


The YouTube channel Valve News Network (VNN) has released nine new screenshots from the upcoming Half-Life: Alyx which is expected to be a massive hit.


The YouTube channel is operated by the reliably-informed Tyler McVicker who has been in contact with a company-related source over the holidays. The source provided him with the screenshots along with the in-game material.


In his leak video, McVicker states that these screenshots have not been carefully selected by Valve to make Half-Life: Alyx look as good as possible but are the screenshots that any person who has access to the game will capture. However, the pictures do not reveal anything about the Half-Life: Alyx story.


The screenshots show some of the game’s new environments as well as enemy designs. They are a total of nine screenshots. Some of these show the enemies as well as the new enemy designs. Other screenshots simply show a new environment or area.


The Level of Detail is Impressive

The nine screenshots show the high level of detail of the game. One of the impressive and similarly scary features seen is of a zombie head with a headcrab removed. If you are faint-hearted, Half-Life: Alyx will certainly not be for you.

Half-Life: Alyx Screenshot Warning sign in an underground setting. The warning sign is partly in Combine in language. 
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot of a new enemy type
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot showing a new environment with an ERROR placeholder model. UploadVR describes this as a Source Engine error asset over a door.
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot: These Combine soldiers have a different suit than in the announcement trailer
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot of the Combine soldiers up close


The Combine soldiers featured in the above two screenshots are in the scene that was featured in the trailer but they are different from the Combine soldiers featured in the trailer. The original trailer had Combine soldiers with dark grey uniform resembling their look in the Half-Life 2. The ones in the screenshots shared by VNN seem to have been redesigned and now wear a white outfit. It is not yet clear whether this graphic design has been done across board or whether this is simply a design that sows a different class or enemy type.

Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot showing A picture from the canals of City 17. The picture was cropped to reveal so as not to reveal anything about the story.
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot of an environment that shows a temporary prisoner cell
Half-Life: Alyx VNN Screenshot showing a headcrab zombie without a headcrab


Half-Life: Alyx is set to be released exclusively on Steam for all the PC VR headsets in March of this year.

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