Grave VR Set to Petrify Gamers For Halloween

Grave VR Set to Petrify Gamers For Halloween
September 24, 2016

Halloween is the best time of year to confront terror head on and embrace all things spooky and horrific. For gamers, there are countless horror video games befitting of the season, but in this writer’s humble opinion, nothing beats theSilent Hill series for shiver-inducing atmosphere and petrifying mystery. Therefore when a game gets announced comparing itself to the seminal psychological horror franchise, my curiosity is aroused, as is my horn.
Grave VR from Broken Window Studios has compared itself to Silent Hill, and it promises to focus on some of the factors which makes those games so effective. While other VR games have leaned more towards action-centric stories, Grave VR promises to be the alternative.
“We see Grave VR as the Silent Hill to the Resident Evil of other VR games, in that it’s more focused on tension and psychological horror,” says Broken Window Studios’ Creative Director, Tristan Parrish Moore. “We’re not looking to make the player feel powerful or give them a huge arsenal of weapons. In fact, there aren’t any actual guns or traditional weapons in Grave VR. Instead of pistols, shotguns and uzis, players will be tasked with finding the right uses for items like matches, flashlights and flares.”
But the game will also require caution when to use your light, as even though it might scare off some creatures, it’ll attract others. “Be careful, though,” Moore noted. “There are several different monsters in Grave VR, and while some may be afraid of your flashlight, others might be attracted to it. You’re going to need to pay attention if you want to survive.”
Grave VR will serve as a prequel for the upcoming Grave, a PC game set to be released some time next year. It’s been in development since 2014. A demo was released awhile back to critical acclaim, so there’s reason to be excited for bothGrave VR and the next instalment.
The game will be released on October 25th to Steam. For more information you can check out the Broken Window Studios website HERE.

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