Glowing Gloves Boxing Enters the Ring In AR

Glowing Gloves Boxing Enters the Ring In AR
April 18, 2018

New immersive mobile boxing game Glowing Gloves unveiled.


Swedish Bublar, a publicly listed Augmented Reality gaming studio announced today an AR mobile boxing game titled Glowing Gloves. The new Glowing Gloves game is a first-person boxing game allowing users to control, punch, bob and weave their success through the motion tracking of the iPhone's ARKit motion tracking.


Available exclusively for iOS devices, the game utilizes the best combos from ARKit, where users control the game with body movements and compete against others on the world stage. The Glowing Gloves augmented reality boxing game is in closed beta now. You can apply for access here.


“We’ve created a new control experience unseen in any mobile game. Start your career at Franky’s authentic gym and experience the highs and lows of a boxing career. Play against your friends but choose wisely, since each opponent will differ, testing your skill and fitness levels” says Wictor Hattenbach, Game Studio Director at Bublar.


The blows are delivered with your thumbs. How the movement around the virtual opponent is not clear from the teaser video published. To find out you need to get the beta.


“With Glowing Gloves, we’re showing how Augmented Reality can create a brand new player-vs-player experience in mobile gaming. In this case, by placing your opponent right in front using real-time motion tracking” says Magnus Granqvist, Bublar’s CEO.


Other features in the new AR boxing game include trophy cabinet, detailed and compelling locations, practice mode.

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