Gifts For The Adult Gamer In Your Life

Gifts For The Adult Gamer In Your Life

What's the perfect way to show your favorite hardcore gamer how much they mean to you? With one of these gifts for the adult gamer in your life, of course. If you know someone who grew up in the arcade or constantly glued to their Nintendo, these goodies are sure to be a hit. Below, you'll find everything from a virtual reality alien attack game that you can play anywhere using your smartphone and a comfy chair designed for marathon gaming sessions, to a classic SNES pre-loaded with 21 classic titles plus a few virtual reality items that will deliver a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other.


1. Video Gaming Chair - $138.69

Submerge yourself completely into your favorite game by carrying out your marathon sessions on this video gaming chair. The ergonomic design provides full back support in addition to functional features like forward facing speakers and wireless audio transmission.


2. Pocket Super Nintendo Console - $89.99

Replay all the classic games of your childhood with this convenient pocket Super Nintendo console! Ditching the big bulky design, this console is shaped like the original controller of a Super Nintendo. It’s the perfect gift for old school gamers.


3. Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses - $71.00

Keep your eyes fresh long into your marathon gaming session by going in with these anti-fatigue gaming glasses. Weighing only 25 grams, they feature a proprietary coating that blocks out high-energy blue light, glare and UV.


4. Alienware Alpha Gaming Console - $549.99

Experience the dawn of a new era in gaming with the Alienware Alpha gaming console. This versatile unit provides the freedom of PC gaming with the ease of a console by letting you enjoy thousands of your favorite Steam games, movies, and TV shows.


5. Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset - $39.99

Transform your plain phone into a state of the art 3D headset with this smartphone virtual reality headset. Compatible with both Apple and Android models, it lets you fully immerse yourself in what you are watching without causing a dizzying effect.


6. HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset - $499.00

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset delivers a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other. Along with a 2160 x 1200 resolution and a 110 degree field of view, it features 360 degree motion tracking so you can roam freely around the room.


7. Classic Arcade Games Machine - $2,995.00

Get one step closer to having the home of your dreams by installing your very own arcade machine! With the classic arcade games machine you’ll be able to enjoy over 120 iconic old school games like Asteroids and Space Invaders in one glorious retro package.


8. iPad Arcade Cabinet - $252.41

Relive your glorious arcade days from the comfort of home with the iPad arcade cabinet. This mini cabinet features a cool retro design and includes everything you need to game like in the old days such as a joystick, two red buttons, and a slot to insert quarters.


9. World’s Smallest Arcade Gaming System - $59.99

Kick boredom to the curb by channeling your old school gamer roots playing on the world’s smallest arcade gaming system. This open platform JAVA game console can play thousands of J2ME games while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hands.


10. NBA Jam Arcade Machine - $876.00

Relive the glorious golden years of your youth with the NBA Jam arcade machine. This refurbished arcade machine is the real deal – it lets you and up to four friends engage in an all out battle of shoving, turbo dunking, and flaming basketball shooting.


11. Vintage Ninja Turtles Arcade Machine - $4,195.00

Save the streets of N.Y. from the sinister Foot Clan by taking them on on this vintage Ninja Turtles arcade machine. Straight out of 1989, it features wraparound graphics and comes with multiplayer capabilities – making this machine a must have for any game room.


12. SNES Classic Mini - $80.00

Relive your glorious golden days of gaming with the SNES classic mini. This pint sized version of the classic console comes with two controllers and is pre-loaded with 21 classic titles like Super Mario, Street Fighter, Zelda, and Star Fox.


13. R-Kaid Portable Game Console - $1,777.53

Enjoy playing classic arcade games when you’re on the go using this R-Kaid portable game console. It features an elegant yet rugged solid wood exterior along with an 8″ LCD screen and an 8-way joystick and push buttons.


14. Wall Mounted Arcade Machines - $1,199.00

Transform any part of your home into your very own retro arcade with one of these wall mounted arcade machines. Unlike the extremely bulky units of yesteryear, these modern models are so light and compact that you can easily hang them on any wall.


15. Virtual Reality Exercise Bike - $399.99

Going outside is overrated. By getting atop this virtual reality exercise bike you’ll be able to stay fit without having to go outside and breathe in fresh air. It’s compatible with PS VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets, and comes with a slew of VR arcade games.


16. The Polycade Pro Wall Mounted Arcade - $3,150.00

Transform any part of your home into an arcade with the Polycade Pro wall mounted arcade. It features a slim profile that won’t create clutter, can switch from a 4 to an 8 way joystick, and is also compatible with Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 and 4.


17. Portable Retro Arcade Console Briefcase - $3,064.61

Enjoying classic games on-the-go is easier than ever thanks to this portable retro arcade console briefcase. This stylish and compact wooden briefcase opens up to reveal a pint-sized retro arcade equipped with a 12 inch LCD screen, 10w stereo speaker and 2 player controls.


18. SupaRetroN HD SNES Gaming Console - $69.90

Experience your favorite ’90s games in glorious high definition by playing them on the SupaRetroN gaming console. Compatible with SNES or Super Famicom cartridges, it supports both a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and comes with a HD port that outputs in 720p.


19. 8Bitdo Arcade Stick Controller - $50.53

Give your gaming sessions a cool retro touch by playing them using the 8Bitdo arcade stick controller. This bulky controller features a nostalgic NES inspired design with a prominent joystick in addition to eight large red buttons so that you can play more comfortably.


20. Virtual Reality Alien Attack Game - $59.99

If you grew up on Space Invaders, you’ll love this virtual reality alien attack game from Sharper Image. It comes with a Bluetooth-enabled blaster that you connect to your smartphone so that you can identify and vaporize the tiny alien invaders right in front of you.

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