Ghostbusters Now Available For PSVR

Ghostbusters Now Available For PSVR
March 23, 2017

Ghostbusters fans but also own the new PlayStation VR virtual reality hardware might be interested to know that a new Ghostbusters virtual reality experience is now available to purchase directly from the PlayStation store priced at $7.


To enjoy the Ghostbusters VR experience you will need a PS4 system, PS VR headset, and PS Move controllers. Watch the official trailer below to learn more about what you can expect from Ghostbusters VR – Now Hiring, Act 1: Firehouse.


Step into the immersive virtual world of Ghostbusters and explore the iconic firehouse, where you’ll meet Mooglie for the very first time and get up close and personal with everyone’s favorite troublemaker, Slimer! You’ll have the chance to explore Ecto-1, assemble and fire a proton pack, check out the basement where the Ghost Containment Unit lies and much more! Don’t leave any stone unturned as ghostly surprises await your discovery.

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