'Ghost In The Shell' VR: A Worldwide Release

'Ghost In The Shell' VR: A Worldwide Release
September 19, 2016

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Production I.G announced they plan to globally release their Ghost in the Shell virtual reality experience this year. Shown briefly at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the Ghost in the Shell Virtual Reality Diver exhibit partially recreated the opening sequence of the 1995 anime movie by having Motoko Kusanagi assembled into her cyborg body (as shown below). If you have the requisite hardware, such as Google Cardboard, you can also watch a full 360-degree version of the same teaser movie.
This new virtual reality version of Ghost in the Shell is also based off the new Arise series and movie and as such has the younger looking Motoko Kusanagi as voiced by Maaya Sakamoto. However, the updated version of this virtual reality experience shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show is 15 minutes long and builds on the initial premise further. While this will be released on the iTunes Store and Google Play, there are also plans to bring this to PlayStation VR at some point in the near future.
For those unaware, Production I.G has been involved with the anime adaptations of Masamune Shirow’s manga since the anime movie directed by Mamoru Oshii back in 1995.

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