Game Awards 2016: Rez Infinite Is Best VR Game

Game Awards 2016: Rez Infinite Is Best VR Game
December 2, 2016
Virtual reality entered the mainstream this year, meaning plenty of titles contending for the honor of Best VR Game at The Game Awards.

2016 was the first year that virtual reality began to creep into the mainstream, as VR headsets gradually were released at a price that more and more of the public could reasonably afford. This meant plenty of solid VR titles pushing the boundaries of technology and introducing compelling gaming experiences with a new level of immersion. Best VR Game was a tough category as a result, but it’s only going to get tougher in years to come.


This year’s winner of Best VR Game at The Game Awards 2016 was Rez Infinite, which won out over Thumper, Job Simulator, Eve Valkyrie, and Batman Arkham VR.


Rez Infinite is a rail shooter VR title set to electronic music where the player creates the music as they travel and defeat enemies. The player is attempting to reboot an AI named Eden which has become overwhelmed with its own existence, destroying viruses along the way. Rez Infinite meshes genres in a new and exciting way, bringing music games to VR through focus on synesthesia, uniting visuals, sound, and gameplay for unique sensory experience. It’s a novel idea executed well, perfect for such an immersive medium as virtual reality, and a title deserving of Best VR Game.


The Game Awards 2016 are still going, as of press time. Click here to find out the best options for you to watch the online live stream of the show.

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