Fusion Wars Competitive Beta For Rift Announced

Fusion Wars Competitive Beta For Rift Announced
June 26, 2017

ESTUDIOFUTURE announces the start of a CLOSED BETA for the NEW MULTIPLAYER COMPETITIVE MODE of its FUSION WARS VR game, ahead of its official and final release on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.


Starting today Friday, the 23rd June, Oculus Rift users will be able to pre-register for the CLOSED BETA, which will run for one week. Players can sign up now on the www.fusionwars.com/beta site, with registrations closing on Sunday, the 2nd July.


The new MULTIPLAYER COMPETITIVE MODE of FUSION WARS will feature a gorgeous eSports style looking battle arena, where up to 8 players will be able to fight co-operatively in 2 teams. This CORE BATTLE MODE will require teams to take control of the FUSION CORE, and protect it for as long as possible, while AI controlled PvE enemies will show up along the fight, and which players may conquer so they fight on their side.


The registered users for the CLOSED BETA will also have a chance to experience firsthand the new and greatly improved version of the game, specially optimized for the Oculus Rift, and which final version will also contain new awesome levels on its CAMPAIGN MODE, as well as many new content and cool features.


Final version of the game is planned for release for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR after the CLOSED BETA, but ESTUDIOFUTURE is now also starting development efforts to bring the game to HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR, as well as a non-VR version for Steam, which shall offer a unique cross-play experience among some of these platforms.


The wait is now almost over…




Key-codes for preview or review of FUSION WARS shall be made available to press, media and influencers, upon request at press@estudiofuture.com


FUSION WARS' latest assets and press-kit




FUSION WARS' official website and social media channels:






FUSION WARS is a PvE & PvP online multi-player and fast VR arcade action game, in which you will take control of a futuristic combat ship, and enter the domains of an android menace ruled by the huge and powerful “Mother Queen”.


Fight on your own, or coordinate with other players the best strategy to defeat the hordes of android enemies, and co-operate during the fight to enter the “fusion mode”, merging your space tanks to become a stronger and more powerful combat unit, and splitting roles as driver and gunner. You will need to overcome and destroy the evil droid creations, recovering the energy Cores that feed the Mother Queen’s realm, and get prepared for the ultimate great battle.


FUSION WARS currently allows multi-player action for up to 4 players on the PvE arcade mode, and the upcoming final version will also offer PvP matches for up to 16 players within a same and spectacular eSports looking combat arena. Players will be able to fight each other or in teams, granting constant clashes, where teamwork can make all the difference through fusion of combat ships.


FUSION WARS is one of the first co-op multiplayer and cross-platform FPS combat games that can be played from both the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift, sharing the same battlefields and co-op actions and providing an intense and fun experience. A version for the HTC VIVE, PlayStation VR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, together with a non-VR version for Steam, are as well on the works, planned for release along 2017.




ESTUDIOFUTURE is an experienced VR development specialist, providing high quality VR development services to companies from all around the world. We create highly immersive contents for video games, training simulations, narrative experiences, amusement parks, entertainment systems, marketing actions, simulations, spectacles and anything the imagination and technology allows.


ESTUDIOFUTURE is based in Madrid (SPAIN), and is composed by a seasoned team of professional with a track record in AAA video game productions and other entertainment fields.


For more information, please visit: www.estudiofuture.com

Press contact details: press@estudiofuture.com

Joaquin Ruiperez
+34 91 051 2907
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Fusion Wars Competitive Mode Closed Beta Teaser

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