Fruit Shoot Turns Kids’ Coloring Menu Into AR Game

Fruit Shoot Turns Kids’ Coloring Menu Into AR Game
July 6, 2017

Kids' coloring menus in restaurants -- often the saviour of a family meal with hungry, crochety children -- just got a whole lot more exciting.


U.K. soft drink brand Robinsons Fruit Shoot has developed a augmented reality app that turns the traditional coloring placemat into something more interactive. The "It's My Thing" app (an extension of the brand's ad campaign celebrating kids' creativity) works by using the child's placemat as an augmented reality target or "marker." Kids download the app to their parent's phone, open the app and line up the phone's camera with the gaming mat to explore games and puzzles in different categories such as art, sport, games and music.


The campaign was developed by agency Iris Worldwide, whcih partnered with RamJam to develop the interactive games. It will be available in restaurant chains including Pizza Hut, Harvester and Wimpy that are popular with families.


Rob Leeks, innovations director at Iris, said in a statement: "Parents want to keep kids entertained between turning up at a restaurant and getting fed, but without compromising on the family interaction that handing them a phone or tablet can often take away. By using Augmented Reality, we were able to create a medium that immerses kids in a gamified experience whilst keeping them routed in the real world. It also meant that we could have multiple people interacting with the same experience simultaneously."

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