Feast Your Eyes On 'Mare', A True Heir Of ICO Spirit

Feast Your Eyes On 'Mare', A True Heir Of ICO Spirit
December 4, 2016

I'm feeling a lot of love for Ico right now, mainly because of all the excitement for The Last Guardian's upcoming release after 9 years of development. Although Fumito Ueda and his team have a huge legacy to live up to with their follow-up to critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus, there's actually another, more indie title from a former member of Team Ico in the works.

[Visiontrick Media]


Welcome To My Night, Mare


Mare is an upcoming #VR game for Oculus Rift that promises a totally immersive game experience, with complete freedom to explore their game world. The trailer and screenshots available so far suggest a distinct, almost cinematic aesthetic, with a highly stylized environment.

[Visiontrick Media]

Do Ico You?


From what we know of the gameplay, it's easy to see the genetics of Ico all over this project.


Here's the blurb, courtesy of Visiontrick Media:


By the means of your gaze you indirectly guide and manipulate a mechanical creature known as BIRD – which you for yet unknown reasons is attached to. Sailing the winds from vane to vane you explore, traverse and interact with the mythical landscapes of MARE, a serene world lost in time and space, filled with untangled mysteries.


So, what have we got here?


  • * Dreamlike art style?
  • * Beautiful, desolate scenery?
  • * Childlike characters?
  • * Relationship with a silent mysterious entity?
  • * Esoteric plot?


Yep, Mare, might not be as big and attention-grabbing as #TheLastGuardian, but it's a member of the Ico family all right, if it not a direct descendant.


Bird's Eye View

[Visiontrick Media]


Not gonna lie, I'm excited for this game's potential. It seems like the player will be able to explore the game environments and solve puzzles in an open, non linear fashion, and divide attention between the two main characters — the girl and the bird — as you negotiate the environment with your gaze. In this case, parallels with #Ico and The Last Guardian are also clear.


Dip Into Mare with this teaser trailer:

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