Fate/Grand Order Upping Your Bond Levels In VR

Fate/Grand Order Upping Your Bond Levels In VR
August 1, 2017

Fate/Grand Order is the hot new mobile title on the market, though it's been out in Japan for a while now. Despite an iffy translation and a formidable grind (the version we have is even toned down from how it was at Japanese launch time), it  seems to have captured the heart of many an anime nerd with a decent battle system, cute-girl interpretations of historical figures, and a bonkers story mode. 


Now Type-MOON want to tap that love in the wonderful world of virtual reality, with the fresh announcement of Fate/Grand Order VR featuring Mash Kyrielight, a new PlayStation VR-based experience starring the player's first party member from the game. Based on the trailer below, it takes a few pages from the Summer Lesson playbook, essentially allowing players to interact with Mash and gawp a bit as she changes into various outfits and prances around. 


Other than the rendering of the character in 3D, it honestly doesn't look all that remarkable, but I'll admit I'm interested, if mainly for the possibility that they'll do this sort of VR-date thing with other Grand Order favorites. Maybe Nero or Altera from Fate/Extella, or some of the classic characters from Fate/Stay Night


The experience is due this Winter.

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