Farpoint VR Shooter Has Limited Execution

Farpoint VR Shooter Has Limited Execution
May 25, 2017

The first big-name release for PlayStation VR since Resident Evil 7 back in January , Farpoint is a first-person shooter set on a distant world.


The story is age-old; your spaceship crashes and you have to survive on an alien landscape as you put together the clues of what happened to your lost crew.


But Farpoint has been built from the ground up to run with Sony's PlayStation VR platform. Which means before you even start, you'll need to have the £320 accessory and the £40 PlayStation camera.

What's more, the game comes bundled with a plastic rifle accessory called the Aim controller. It ups the price of the game considerably to £75 , but is the core reason you'll want to play. It's the Aim that you'll be using to shoot your way through the rocky, alien landscape. Built onto the surprisingly light rifle are all the buttons and control sticks needed to navigate the PlayStation system and the game itself.


That's because, unlike Rush of Blood, you are actually able to guide yourself around the virtual landscape. Sort of.


Sadly, this isn't the truly 3D virtual reality game we've been waiting for. While you can marvel at the vista around you, travelling is done in a forward direction only. Essentially, this reduces the level design to an impressive corridor you travel down.


Likewise, enemies will only ever come at you from the front - you won't ever have to turn your head to scope out your six. That helps to cut down the nausea, but also limits this to an (albeit impressive) on-rails shooter.


Farpoint makes some concessions because of the motion sickness experienced by some gamers. And, likewise, the single player campaign is pretty short. It's possible to beat it in around five hours. Which is understandable because many people aren't going to want to stay locked in to a headset and holding a light gun for much longer than that.


There are a few extras thrown in as well, including a two-player co-op mode and special Challenge levels with leaderboards and point scoring.

The force-feedback Aim controller makes the whole experience great fun – but it's also what pushes the price of the game up. Farpoint can be played with a DualShock controller but it strips out much of what makes this VR title enjoyable.


Although Farpoint is the best VR game we've seen for a while, it's not the system seller that Sony really should have come up with by now.

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