Fallout 4 VR vs Elder Scrolls 6: Which Is Which?

Fallout 4 VR vs Elder Scrolls 6: Which Is Which?
January 1, 2017

It seems that there is a huge confusion going on in the game industry. On one hand, Bethesda is said to be developing Fallout 4 VR at the cost of Elder Scrolls 6. On the other hand, it is Elder Scrolls 6 that is in the works and Fallout 4 VR won’t happen until the fantasy game gets released.


So which is which?


We don’t have an accurate answer for this because it is Bethesda’s fault for raising hopes on both future titles. Bethesda started off by admitting that Elder Scrolls 6 is not being developed and we are years away from seeing the debut of the game.


Fast forward to November, Bethesda expressed their greatest desire to develop Fallout 4 VR and they have already commenced working on the virtual reality version of the game.


Just weeks following that, a Tweet from Pete Hines confirmed that Bethesda Studios are done with Fallout 4 for 2017. This suggests on the development of a non-Fallout title – Elder Scrolls 6.


The way we see it, both Fallout 4 VR and Elder Scrolls 6 should not be expected until an official trailer is out. Bethesda is just trying to confuse the public so they can keep the development of a new game engine a secret.


Think about it. Bethesda has been relying on the game engine that was used to develop Morrowind up until today and we all know this is no longer good for current-generation games.

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