Explore Ancient Greece's Underworld In VR

Explore Ancient Greece's Underworld In VR
August 11, 2019

A new virtual reality puzzle adventure is coming to Steam sometime in Q4 2019 called Journey for Elysium. This dark, Greek mythology based title from Cronos Interactive is being developed by Mantis Games. This unique adventure will be available to be played on both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets.


Journey for Elysium uses a monochromatic black and white environment to expose the game’s dark and unique art style drenched with ancient mythology legends and traditions. This story-driven puzzle game lets players take on the role of an unnamed hero who has passed away, travelling on a boat in the Underworld. In order to reach Elysium and obtain redemption, the mysterious traveler must use all his wits and skills in a series of increasingly elaborate twists and challenges. Along the way, he will discover more about his past.


While the key features of the game are the puzzles, atmosphere, a world of things to discover, and spending majority of the game rowing through the river Styx, they also plan to include two modes of movement: Comfort or Immersive. These will be experience when you aren’t rowing down Styx, but should provide the player with the best movement style for themselves.

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