Experience The Ultimate Thrill With Rush VR

Experience The Ultimate Thrill With Rush VR
October 13, 2018

Originally released onto the Oculus Rift earlier this year the team at The Binary Mill have revealed that their extreme sports title Rush VR is coming to PlayStation VR later this year. The title sees players put on a wing suit and take flight across snowy terrain in high speed races that see them descending down mountains avoiding cliff faces and trees while hitting the checkpoints.


It isn’t just snow that players will be flying pass as they will be traveling the world and experiencing the thrill of base jumping in rocky canyons, green forest and many more locations complete with a dynamic weather system and day/night cycles. With 90 tracks to master and a number of different game modes including Time Attack and Score Challenge players will need to get use to flying fast if they want to earn the biggest score and take home first place. If that wasn’t enough there are also online leaderboards that mean you can compete with your friends or go head-to-head in 12 player multiplayer matches.


There is no release date just yet for the PlayStation VR release of Rush VR but it is planned to be before the year is out.

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