EVE: Valkyrie Supports Oculus Touch Controllers

EVE: Valkyrie Supports Oculus Touch Controllers
August 15, 2017

Developers CCP the creators of the EVE: Valkyrie have this week announced the release of a new update which brings with it support for Oculus Touch Controllers and is now available in the form of the EVE: Valkyrie update 2017_R3.1_


The new support for the Touch Controllers has rolled out as a beta release and is currently still a work in progress and in its latest form does not include motion controls. CCP explains more about the development and support for Touch.


EVE: Valkyrie was designed to be played with a [console] controller, and the developers spent a lot of time making sure flying your ship with one felt as smooth and intuitive as possible, and here’s the problem with using Oculus Touch: motion controls simply don’t give you the precision you need in Valkyrie. It’s not at all easy to turn your Wraith on a sixpence and line up a devastating salvo when you’re trying to fly it while waving your hands in the air; it actually feels less, not more responsive.


Setup for the Oculus Touch Controllers:

– Yaw: Left Thumbstick LEFT or RIGHT
– Pitch: Left Thumbstick UP or DOWN
– Roll: Right Grip Button or Left Grip Button
– Primary Fire: Right Trigger
– Secondary Fire: Left Trigger
– Ability: X Button
– Boost: A Button
– Brake: B Button
– Target Select: Left Thumbstick CLICK
– Deploy Drone: Right Thumbstick UP
– Com Alerts: Right Thumbstick CLICK and HOLD + Right Thumbstick UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT and Combinations of these
– Tactical Menu (pause): Menu Button
– Re-Calibrate HMD: Menu Button (depress for 2 seconds)
– Oculus Home Menu: Oculus Button


Jump over to the official EVE: Valkyrie for more information on the tap Oculus Touch Controller support.

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