Enter The Post-apocalyptic World Of Fallout 4 VR

Enter The Post-apocalyptic World Of Fallout 4 VR
June 14, 2017

Fallout 4 is finally coming to virtual reality. 


After teasing that its hybrid first-person shooter/role-playing game would come to VR last year, Bethesda confirmed on Sunday that the game would be available for the HTC Vive headset in October. The company dropped a trailer, showing off some of the truly first-person perspective a player can expect when wearing the Vive. 


Virtual reality is one of the hottest trends in tech, but the area still lacks compelling content to justify investment -- at least for most consumers. Getting blockbuster titles like Fallout 4 is critical in getting at least gamers, which are known to spend money on the latest tech, to embrace VR. 


The trailer debuted at E3 2017.

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