Enter The Casino With Social Club VR

Enter The Casino With Social Club VR
June 23, 2018

Developer Perilous Orbit launch its latest VR project, a casino experience.


Developer Perilous Orbit previously produced the virtual reality (VR) mini-game compilation SportsBar VR. The studio has now expanded on that work, producing what it has described as it most ambitious project yet, Social Club VR.


Social Club VR is an online VR casino experience which is due to be released shortly on Oculus Home and Steam.


The VR title offers a range of casino games, including Blackjack, Texas Hold’Em Poker and Roulette, as well as several other mini-games and experiences for players to try. To add to the social mood, Social Club VR can be multi-player, and players within Social Club VR can play YouTube play lists within the VR environments to add to the immersive VR atmosphere.


In addition to the typical casino games, players can also take part in a shooting gallery, or enjoy the return of the popular bottle breaking game which has been brought over from SportsBar VR, which also comes with a new mini-game called Can Crushing.


The shooting gallery has three modes, sharpshooter, quick-draw and sniper. For those wanting something a little more relaxing, classic boardgames like Chess and Backgammon can be played.


Players can join online with friends or face off against the AI in a whole host of different games and challenges. For those without access to a VR headset, a non-VR mode is available. Players will get daily chip bonuses for logging in daily, and players that accumulate a large amount of chips can treat friends to extras they might not be able to otherwise afford.


Social Club VR will be available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices. The title will cost $17.99 (USD) at launch, a 10% launch discount on the usual price. Owners of SportsBar VR will be able to acquire the title for a 25% discount, putting the title at $14.99.

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