Eagle Flight VR Game Is Breathtaking!

Eagle Flight VR Game Is Breathtaking!
October 18, 2016

The age of virtual reality is upon us. This time, some Oculus Rift games will allow us to transform into majestic eagles and conquer the skies.
Eagle Flight is Ubisoft’s official red carpet entry into virtual reality as it launches for the Oculus Rift. Ubisoft Montreal made a smart move making a trailer that explains what exactly occurs in the game except for an enigmatic slosh of cinematic footage.
Apparently, players use head-tracking and the Oculus Rift’s gamepad to allow eagles to explore various parts of the world. Similar to other Oculus Rift games, Eagle Flight has a plethora of missions for different players.
Interestingly, it has both single-player and multiplayer options for Oculus Rift players. Challenges involve racing and completing some tutorials.
According to the Ubisoft trailer, the game will allow players to become an eagle that is “learning to fly.”

Inside the eagles
Eagle Flight currently has five chapters set in Paris. There’s a breathtaking beauty to how the city was rendered from the skies. The game implies you can even zoom in and explore Paris up close by swooshing past various buildings and canopies.
The arrival of different animals is interesting, as it shows various of other characters such as falcons, crows, vultures, and bats. Players have to defeat these creatures and animals in order to claim a “territory.”
The game will be arriving as part of Oculus Rift games starting today, October 18. It will also arrive November 8 on the PlayStation VR, and then December 20 for the HTC Vibe.
According to Upload VR, Eagle Flight is very different from other Oculus Rift titles Ubisoft is releasing.
For instance, Star Trek fans can indulge in Star Trek: Bridge Crew using three headsets. An intense multiplayer title called Werewolves Within will be arriving this December. Lastly, there will also be a Trackmania Turbo and a Just Dance VR game to be released by the studio.

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