Don’t Expect An HTC Vive Price Drop Anytime Soon

Don’t Expect An HTC Vive Price Drop Anytime Soon
June 16, 2017

While HTC is currently holding sales figures of the Vive close to its chest, we got a chance to speak with HTC Vive General Manager Daniel O’Brien at E3 where he conveyed to us that the company is currently happy with the VR headset's current sales figures and aren't interested in dropping the price of the Vive as a result.


The company was at E3 promoting three upcoming games. One VR game, Duck Season, showed off a Vive Tracker attached to a Duck Hunt-inspired gun that pays homage to the NES classic. Perhaps its biggest twist is that if you shoot the dog this time around, he hunts you. The game comes from Stress Level Zero, the developers of Hover Junkers.

HTC also showed off Sprint Vector, which is a multiplayer racing game where you swing your arms to run. It's from Survios, the developers who created VR shooter Raw Data.

The last game HTC showed off was Gunheart from developer Drifter, which is a studio comprised of former Epic Games employees. The game describes itself as co-op shooter that allows up to three players to play as robotic bounty hunters as you blast aliens throughout the galaxy.

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