Discover VR Arcade 'Last Labyrinth' New Trailer

Discover VR Arcade 'Last Labyrinth' New Trailer
July 18, 2019
Last Labyrinth


The second trailer of the Japanese escape the room VR game Last Labyrinth has just been released by the developer Amata K.K. The trailer features the theme song by the lead voice actor Stefanie Joosten and there are also new details on the main staff and the characters.


The first trailer of the escape video game was released earlier this week. The second trailer which showcases the details of the gameplay has just been released today along with several new images.


The images released today are of the two main characters in the game: Katia, the Mysterious Girl in the game helping players work out the deadly puzzles along with Phantom who is an unknown hooded figure who is most likely the character responsible for the player’s and Katia’s entrapment in the mansion.


The trailer includes the Last Labyrinth theme song which was written by the famous videogame music composer Hiroki Kikuta and which was sung by Stefanie Joosten. Stefanie also provided the voice of Katia. You can also remember her as the likeness and voice of Quiet in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain(2015).


The trailer also features introductions to the main staff that is working on Last Labyrinth as well as details of their past work. There is the Director/Game Designer Tetsuya Watanabe (of The Last Guardian and Puppeteer) and the Lead Animator Atsuko Fukuyama who previously worked on ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.


The trailer includes lots of gameplay footage which show the multiple brutal rooms standing in the player’s way and how Katia is interacting with the puzzles.


See details of the characters and images below:


Katia: The Mysterious Girl

This is a young girl that player will be working with in solving the puzzles so as to escape from the main. The player is wheelchair-bound and Katia does her best to assist by moving and utilizing objects on the player’s behalf.

Katia The Mysterious Girl
Katia in Last Labyrinth


Phantom: The Enigmatic Figure

Phantom is a hooded figure who appears inside the mansion where both Katia and the player are trapped in. His true identity is not known and he might as well be the reason for the predicament of both the player and Katia.

Phantom Character in Last Labyrinth


About the Game

You can only experience this escape-the-room adventure through VR. The game has been specifically developed for virtual reality experiences. Players trapped in a mansion must work out an escape from a mansion that hides many dangers by solving puzzles. A mysterious girl appears in the mansion of horrors who assists the players, trapped in a wheelchair, in trying to chart out an escape.


The full digital version will have multi-platform support and will be available on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and the Windows Mixed Reality Headset. The game is coming out this fall.

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