Déraciné Looks Like A Fairy Tale Game For PSVR

Déraciné Looks Like A Fairy Tale Game For PSVR
June 12, 2018

FromSoftware and Japan Studio are working on an enigmatic virtual reality title, Déraciné, which seems to have to do with fairy tales — or at least, feels like one. The developers showed a teaser trailer at Sony’s E3 event. The title in development for PlayStation VR.


The trailer didn’t give too much information as the camera floated through a grand old house, visiting a young girl looking out a window and a man eating a meal in the kitchen. All the while, a mysterious woman speaks cajolingly to someone: “Aren’t you excited? You’re going to be a fairy and live in world where time stands still. Where nobody can see what you’re up to, ever again.”


According to the Oxford Dictionary, “déraciné” is an adjective used to describe someone who is “uprooted from their natural environment,” so the game might center on its protagonist being drawn into another world.

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