Defector Is Full Of Extravagant Action Scenes

Defector Is Full Of Extravagant Action Scenes
April 17, 2018

New VR game feels like a Mission Impossible movie.


Here’s a look at developer Twisted Pixel’s Defector, a movie-like virtual reality game for Oculus Rift.


It’s a compendium of gameplay set-ups, ranging from high-action scenes of derring-do to standard shooting sequences. Narrative trees offer various branching stories, pulled together with a variety of puzzles, which include nifty gadgets.


Playing it at a media event recent, it reminded me strongly of the Mission Impossible movies, with ludicrously entertaining scenes including one in which I jumped from one in-flight aircraft to another, firing a pistol as I went.


Twisted Pixel developed Wilson’s Heart, which came out around this time last year. That game was a noirish tale of monstrous abominations in an asylum. Defector is much more colorful and brash, though they both share a delight in trying new ways to make the use of the Oculus Rift’s Touch controllers, with plenty of hand-and-body challenges. Defector is out later this year.

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