Dead And Buried Launches In Exclusivity For Oculus

Dead And Buried Launches In Exclusivity For Oculus
October 8, 2016

Developer of Darksiders 2: Deathinitive EditionChronos, and Herobound: Spirit Champion, Gunfire Games is pleased to announce their hand in the co-development of Dead and Buried, an Oculus Touch launch title slated for release later this year.
In Dead and Buried, players use their Oculus Rift as they're transported into a first-person shooter where players will use the Oculus Touch to bridge the gap between reality and a wild west world. With these controllers, players will be able to effortlessly draw their guns and engage in frenetic shootouts with the opposing team in this multiplayer shooter.
For the last several months, Gunfire Games has been assisting the internal Oculus Studios content team in the development of Dead and Buried, their second Oculus Rift game and third VR game, by helping them build out additional content and features for the game. Some of that work will be seen today as the team demos exciting new multiplayer modes at the third-annual, Oculus Connect event in San Jose, CA.
"When Oculus Studios approached us about getting the group behind Herobound, our second Oculus title, back together to work on Dead and Buried, we knew it would be a good fit because we already know the talent of the team they have at Oculus and how well we all work together,"  said Gunfire Games President David Adams.
Dead and Buried will be playable exclusively with the Oculus Touch for Oculus Rift later this year.

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