Could We See A Dark Souls Game In VR?

Could We See A Dark Souls Game In VR?
November 29, 2016

Just because the Dark Souls saga had come to a close with Dark Souls III earlier this year doesn't necessarily mean we'll see the franchise again. In fact, Bandai Namco may have plans in place to introduce it to a new format – virtual reality.


UploadVR recently reported that, prior to the 2016 Golden Joystick Awards that took place last week, Dark Souls producer Atsuo Yoshimura was asked a few questions about the virtual reality format. One person then asked if we would possibly see Dark Souls make its debut in said format, to which he surprisingly responded, "Yes."


That's not a full-on confirmation, though. Yoshimura was quick to note that the development team is "hoping" to bring the franchise to VR, and that nothing has been finalized just yet. In fact, just by saying "yes," he may have already said too much.


Dark Souls seems ideal for the world of virtual reality, since the worlds are so harrowing and filled with detail anyway. Sucking a player into a dangerous, dark universe could be just the experience that we're looking for in full 360-degree immersion, and being on the lookout for smaller enemies – or big, powerful bosses – may just add a new degree to the gameplay that we've gotten used to with the last few entries.


Whatever the case, Bandai Namco probably isn't going to announce Dark Souls for VR anytime soon, as it doesn't even have that much content for the format in development just yet. That said, the possibility is there, so don't be surprised if it does eventually get introduced – sending fans into a frenzy as they die a multitude of times in VR. (It's probably not going to be a pretty sight.)


In the meantime, we suggest checking out Dark Souls III. You can find it in most places for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC for under $20, and for that price, it's worth dying quite a few times…

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