Cooperation Means Survival In Sleeping Dawn VR

Cooperation Means Survival In Sleeping Dawn VR
October 7, 2018

Four players enter a creepy procedural maze and try and find a way to survive and escape in Sleeping Dawn VR.


Usually one of the key parts of survival horror is the sense of isolation, of being completely alone against the monsters. Sleeping Dawn VR shakes up this formula somewhat by bringing in cooperative multiplayer elements along with the immersiveness of virtual reality (VR).


Horror is known to work well in VR, and the immediacy gives the scares and extra edge. Sleeping Dawn VR involves navigating a confusing, procedurally generated maze in which the depths of fear and anxiety lie in wait.

Players awake to find themselves in a strange, dark world containing a complex maze. Other players are also seeking to escape the maze, but you must make a choice – stay together for safety in numbers, or split up to explore all potential paths?


To help players on the way, there are four tools that can be used. The torch is the only source of light in this dark world. The Stick is an improvised weapon that might be the only thing that can drive off some of the dangerous creatures who will attack you. Rocks can be used to create a distraction, to let you sneak off in a different direction and finally Chalk, which lets you mark dead ends or what routes you have taken at a crossroads.


The way out of the maze is guarded by two Keepers, and the levers they defend must be found if you are to ever escape from this mysterious and gloomy place. Communications with other players and careful use of your tools are the key to your eventual escape.


Sleeping Dawn VR was created by independent developer Effimera Studio and is on Steam for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, priced at £5.79 (GBP). Further information can be found on the Steam Store page.

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