Coatsink Debuts 'Shadow Point' New Trailer

Coatsink Debuts 'Shadow Point' New Trailer
April 12, 2019

Coatsink, the studio behind the Esper series and Augmented Empire (2018), released a new video showing off a few more stylish gameplay mechanics coming to Shadow Point, the upcoming story-driven puzzle adventure for Quest and Rift.


Shadow Point is a first-person single player game that throws you into a mystical world that unfolds between a mountaintop observatory and an ever-changing fantasy environment.


Narrated by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), you’re guided by the journal of Edgar Mansfield as you explore, cast shadows and solve the sort of mind-bending puzzles that virtual reality handles so well.


You’re tasked with uncovering the mystery of missing schoolgirl, Lorna McCabe who vanished from Shadow Point Observatory twelve years prior.


We went hands-on with Shadow Point on Oculus Quest at GDC last month, and it served up a number of interesting and engaging puzzles which are designed to twist your perception. During our demo, we were only allowed to see the shadow-casting mechanic; you grasp an object and line it up so that its shadow fits a predetermined profile, letting you unlock doors and portals that take you to improbable places.


The new trailer however reveals a number of other interesting-looking mechanics like a transmogrifying magnifying glass, non-euclidean spaces, and a portal-style glass that ostensibly lets you see a space from another time.


Shadow Point is set to release sometime this spring as day-one launch title for Quest, and will also release simultaneously on Rift.

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