Claustrophobic 'Scanner Sombre' Coming To VR

Claustrophobic 'Scanner Sombre' Coming To VR
May 16, 2017

Introversion Software, the developer behind PC strategy videogame DEFCON, and DEFCON VR, has revealed it’ll be releasing its latest title Scanner Sombre for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in the near future. 


Scanner Sombre launched latest month. A cave exploration experience inspired by Gone Home andDear Esther, in which the player has no traditional light source, a torch, lamp, flame etc. Instead they have a LIDAR scanner to see through the darkness, creating surreal, rainbow images, to help them navigate through these underground caverns, looking for a way out.

While not designed as a virtual reality (VR) experience, Introversion Software will be adapting it to support head-mounted displays (HMDs) confirms PCGamesN. Talking about the reasoning behind releasing Scanner Sombre as a standard PC title first before moving on onto VR, Introversion has co-founder Mark Morris said: “we deliberately didn’t want people thinking Scanner Sombre is a VR game”. This is because the studio’s first experiment with VR, DEFCON VR, was picked up by “about seven people” states Morris.


At present the studio plans to release the title for both headsets in around six weeks time, so further news should follow soon. It’s unclear if this will simply be an update for Scanner Sombre, or a separate title to download. The standard PC version can be found on Steam for £8.99 GBP.

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