Cave Turns You Into A Giant Robotic Schoolgirl

Cave Turns You Into A Giant Robotic Schoolgirl
December 22, 2016
(Photo credit: Cave)


The Japanese developer Cave has revealed that it has a new virtual reality, or VR, game in the works for release next year and it looks pretty crazy.


Entitled A.I am Monster, it has you play as a gigantic robotic schoolgirl as you lay waste to an entire city.


Naturally, you are thwarted by tanks and helicopters but it looks like that doesn’t really limit your rampage.


The teaser trailer (shown below) also uses Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries but more of a concern is that the framerate and visuals are currently rather terrible.


This is something the comments on the trailer have pointed out repeatedly and I can only hope that Cave will drastically improve matters before the game is released next year.


In terms of context though, Cave is not really a studio with a history of making 3D games. In fact, it is more known for its amazing danmaku, or bullet hell, shoot-em-ups.


Back in the 90s Cave’s arcade shmups were the stuff of legend and the studio’s legacy is one that has persisted until this day. More recently, Cave’s back catalogue of games has come to PC via Steam and that is definitely wonderful to see.


If anything, this use of excessive scale is something more typical of Sandlot, so this new VR game isn't something Cave has really done before but I wish them the best of luck and hope they can improve on what has been shown thus far before the game is released next year.

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