Candy Crush Dev Considers Making VR Games

Candy Crush Dev Considers Making VR Games
January 19, 2017

VIRTUAL reality versions Candy Crush and Bubble Witch might be a possibility in the future, The Sun Online has learned.


King games, the studio behind the world’s most compulsive mobile games, has discussed the possibility of using VR to create three dimensional instalments in the future.

Could this Candy Crush advert have predicted what mobile game will be like in virtual reality?


The mobile game developer is closely “watching the market” for VR headsets that would be a perfect fit, it revealed.


Bubble Witch 3 Saga designer Nachos Pintos told The Sun Online that “virtual reality is there” for the taking.


However, VR fans will have to wait until headsets like Oculus RiftMicrosoft Hololens or Samsung Gear become mainstream before it takes off.


Pintos said: “One of the exciting challenges with mobile games is that the market is constantly changing and we have to keep a steady eye on what’s happening.


“Virtual reality is there, but it’s in its first steps. It’s nice, it’s immersive, but it still has a lot before it reaches mass consumers.”

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