Can You Survive High Fidelity's Virtual Zombies?

Can You Survive High Fidelity's Virtual Zombies?
October 3, 2018

I'm pretty impressed by High Fidelity physics and scripting which make this social VR survival game possible -- though my first thought while watching the video above is that the real survival challenge is managing to escape virtual zombies without flailing about so much that you destroy furniture or elbow nearby faces.


If you're in the Bay Area, there's an in-person demo of the game at the High Fidelity office this Thursday and Friday night:

High Fidelity is opening our virtual reality studio for a Halloween haunting using our groundbreaking social VR platform. For two evenings, we're hosting unlucky guests through Zombie Island. If you love horror and have been wanting a unique Halloween experience, this may be the fear you are looking for. You’re more likely to survive in groups, so bring your crew, or at least a friend.

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