Bring A Huge AR Valentine Heart To Your Living Room

Bring A Huge AR Valentine Heart To Your Living Room
February 11, 2018

PanoCAST today announced its new product line of fun and entertaining Augmented Reality flicks using Apple's ARKit technology. The first of this series is a secret photo exhibition in the form of a “Larger than Life” Valentine Heart that can be placed in your living room and explored together with your loved ones.


“For the past 17+ years we have consistently delivered cutting-edge VR and AR solutions to our high-end clients and customers in a variety of industries and application areas. ARKit and ARCore offer a novel Augmented Reality experience that captures end-user's imagination and opens up stellar creative and technical opportunities. So we put on our playful hat for a moment and created this App, called Heart Secrets, to showcase how easily the physical and virtual world can be bridged in a personalized manner,” says Dr. Barnabas Takacs, founder of Digital Elite.


To use the App, first select your best moments from your Photo Album and arrange them inside the hidden compartments of the AR heart. Next, add a customized message of Love and Affection and you are ready to show it off. To place the Heart in your living room using ARKit, just point the camera to the ground and touch the screen where you want it pinned. You may also scale and rotate your heart for a better fit using pinch and swipe gestures or change the outside color. To explore the AR experience together with your Loved Ones, walk around and press the key to open the Valentin Heart. Once open, it will reveal your secret photos inside. Share your moments by posting directly to Facebook or as a Snapshot placed in your Photos folder.


The Heart Secrets App can be downloaded from the ITunes store.

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