Borderline: Is 'Summer Lesson' A "Romance Game"?

Borderline: Is 'Summer Lesson' A "Romance Game"?
October 8, 2016
Those who follow my channel and articles will know that I am pleased to see a virtual entry point for the mass market in the form of the Playstation VR, the launch titles are looking very polished and hopefully the device will live up to expectations, however, one title is, frankly speaking, a cause for concern.

Set for release on PSVR in Japan on October 13th, Ladies but primarily seedy Gentlemen – I give you… Virtual Grooming Simulator 2016, oh, wait, correction – Summer Lesson: Hikari Miyamoto Seven Days Room.
The reason for my confusion is, well, every single element of the game. The title is exclusive to PlayStation VR – oh dear it seems that Oculus & Vive owning Ephebophiles will have to wait for another misguided studio to release something equally sinister. Surprisingly this title comes from a reputable game development house – Bandai Namco. The game places you in the role of a “tutor”, sitting alone with an ambiguously aged school girl sporting a low cut top, short skirt and – according to the trailer – a flirty and over-familiar nature. Your job as “tutor” is to teach and eventually “bond” with the young girl. So, a grooming simulator, right?
Further down the line, Sony have stated that you will be finding yourself in other “intriguing scenarios”, one can only imagine. It certainly sounds like an opportunity for DLC with a price inversely proportional to the morality of the perverts queuing up to buy it.
Quick reality check, are you booing and hissing or agreeing with me at this point? The reason I ask is that I appear to be a lone voice of reason in a sea of people who are overtly enthusiastic to describe their positive feelings about this idea, see just a few comments trawled from the interwebs below:

“Does PSVR Summer Lesson require both hands on the controller?” – ColdOne666
“… Made Me Feel Like a Creep, and That’s a Good Thing” – Ben Lang
“Waifu simulators will definitely be a thing one way or another.” – Ace
“Is Summer Lessons a romance game?” – Cpt_Steam

Here is a recent trailer:

Some may read this article as reactionary and think that it shouldn’t matter because the character isn’t real. We are talking about a technology that makes you believe it is real, so with this in mind, shouldn’t developers be more responsible. I am not a prude, however, I make no apologies whatsoever for calling this title out as an education in perversion. Virtual reality owners shouldn’t be tarred as sinister and seedy, we already look pretty ridiculous as it is.
Virtual reality is dominated by males 25+ in age. Who do you think are the target audience for this game? What is the purpose of this game? Are you 25+ male who is interested in owning it, why? I am interested (fascinated) to hear your opinions in the comments below.
Consider this final point; the “sailor fuku” sported by the key character, is a uniform worn by female middle school students, traditionally by high school students, and occasionally by elementary school students. The physical and facial characteristics, environment and objects present in the scene suggest that the middle school age range strongly implied, i.e. age 13 to 15.

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