Block Wave VR Introduces VR Tetris To Early Access Gamers

Block Wave VR Introduces VR Tetris To Early Access Gamers
September 3, 2016

RLTY CHK recently released their new game Block Wave VR into Early Access on Steam. The game is designed for VR headsets and can’t be played without one. It’s available right now for $4.99.

The gimmick for Block Wave VR is that the game is designed to take the classic Tetris design and incorporate it into a newer and more evolved gameplay environment that involves the z-plane. Yes, there is now the ability to move in and out of the play field to arrange and stack the blocks.

You can see how this 3D take on Tetris plays with the gameplay trailer below.

That super sexy and very awesome synthwave soundtrack you hear in the back? Well, that isn’t just there for promotional reasons. Block Wave VR‘s motif is set within a 1980s atmosphere and if the vector grid layout and album art-inspired Miami sunset in the background weren’t enough to give it away, the developers have included a synthwave soundtrack to help get you in the mood for busting blocks in VR.

Not many reviews are in for the game but there’s already some constructive feedback from a certain Melee Mechanic, who suggested that maybe they should ease up on the game’s difficulty in the starter stages by having fewer block types, as well as slow down the drop speed of the blocks in the starter levels. It was also suggested to tweak the controls so they’re more “intuitive” because apparently they had friends try the game on their VR headset and they didn’t fare too well.

For casual puzzle titles like this, ease-of-use is essential for establishing and growing a solid market foundation for the property. This isn’t Road Rash or Batman: Arkham Knight where hardcore gamers are going to be flocking to it in mass. Sometimes casual appeal is necessary for casual games.

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