The Best Steering Wheels Games For PSVR

The Best Steering Wheels Games For PSVR

The best part about VR is fully immersing yourself in a new experience, transporting yourself into a game and feeling like you are really there. Anybody who has spent time with a driving wheel on a normal video game already knows that these accessories can really add to the feel of each race. That feeling is only amplified once you are hooked into your PlayStation VR. How do you pick the best steering wheel though? That's where we come in, with all of the best steering wheels for racing with PlayStation VR.


Thrustmaster T300RS Officially Licensed PS4/PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

The Thrustmaster T300RS wheel is probably the best racing wheel that you can use in VR. This setup includes the racing wheel, as well as pedals so that you are truly immersed in your gameplay. The officially licensed PlayStation model includes the PlayStation buttons, making it easy to navigate back to home with a button press. It also includes force feedback, so that you can feel what is going on.


The force feedback is part of what makes this wheel particularly fantastic. You'll feel the wheel pull as you race through corners, and it's a smooth pull that feels like steering through an actual corner. Likewise, the steering ratio is very close to a real driving experience. It makes sitting down to race in the living room, feel like you are racing along the tracks within Driveclub VR. While Thrustmaster does have great perks, it's also got a stiff price tag to match, at $340.


Thrustmaster T150 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PlayStation 4

The Thrustmaster T150 offers a great system with a full racing wheel and solid metal pedals. The racing wheel has a rubber grip to make it easier to grab onto and offers force feedback so that you can really feel it when you lose traction or come into a hairpin turn. Officially licensed for PlayStation this wheel includes all of the buttons you would usually find on your DualShock controller.


The Thrustmaster T150 is the little brother of the Thrustmaster line of steering wheels. It's got a smaller price tag with a $199 price tag. It's got that 1080 degrees of force feedback and each of the pedals can be adjusted so that it's at the most comfortable angle for your driving time.


Hori Racing Wheel

While many racing wheels tend to run pricy in order to give you the best possible features, Hori aims to deliver the best possible experience on a budget. It's got a 2-pedal system instead of 3, and offer 270 degrees of rotation. This wheel is also licensed by PlayStation meaning you get access to all of the buttons to help you navigate.


One of the big perks of Hori Racing Wheel is its exhaustive list of settings. This will allow you to tweak everything so that it drives the way that you want it to. Thet $99 price point also doesn't hurt any, making this the most affordable wheel on our list for those of you shopping on a budget.


Fully immerse yourself with a wheel mount


This isn't a wheel with functional buttons. The APIGA AP2 Foldable Racing Simulator Stand is just that, a stand for whatever wheel and pedal you choose to purchase. This way instead of setting it up on a folding dinner table (or having it just sit in your lap) you can have this nifty setup for your comfort. $280 seems like a steep price for a stand, but this stand is weighted and suctioned to your floor. You won't have to worry about turning too hard and your whole stand to topple down!


But, if your budget is tight

Try the VEVOR Steering Wheel Stand instead. For the small price of $100 you can get another great stand for your driving wheel. This one doesn't have nearly as much weight to it, but you can still get your wheel and pedals up on a stand for your immersion for a smaller price.

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