Best-Selling PSVR Games Of October

Best-Selling PSVR Games Of October
November 15, 2016

Sony's PlayStation VR was released only this October, but analysts project it will sell up to 1.4 million units this year. This forecast, however, should be validated by the robust VR content download rate at the PlayStation Store.


Let's take a look at the top three games in October and see why they are driving the popularity of VR in the Sony universe.


Job Simulator

The game title Job Simulator is doing this VR content a disservice. It is spectacularly boring for an awesome VR gameplay.


This VR sim will have you experience different jobs and its publisher, Owlchemy Labs, has injected humorous elements to keep you entertained while doing tasks.


The narrative places the player in a distant future when robots do all the menial work. The game serves as entertainment for a bored futuristic human by sampling occupations such as that of a cook or cashier.


Just by imagining it, the premise seems pretty basic and mundane. But that is really not the case. When playing the chef, for example, you will be harassed by extremely demanding robots. There are also numerous things to do. Preparing a pizza will require you to use different utensils and ingredients.


Batman: Arkham VR

The key takeaway from the Batman: Arkham VR game, which unfolds in a 90-minute detective story, is the opportunity to meet the characters that are now all too familiar to us but in their most lifelike selves. Those who have played this title will know very well that standing eyeball to eyeball with Oswald Cobblepot is seriously a frightening experience.


This game has some flaws, such as how it lacks refinement when it comes to interaction with other characters and objects in the virtual space. Combat gameplay is also a bit limited but quite cool especially with the teleportation capability.


Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Now, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is one game that has really good graphics, so that it is extremely effective at scaring you off. One word of advice: do not play this at night when everyone else is already fast asleep. You might earn a mouthful of invectives, or even get a slap to jolt you back to reality, simply because you cannot help but scream in fright.


The game developers still need to fix some bugs. For example, sometimes the gun will not work, which can lead players into some spotty situations, contributing a dash of frustration in the experience. The narrative will also make you feel like you're inside a B movie because it consistently employs jump scare tactics.


Sony has published 10 best-selling VR games, and the rest on the list are compelling in their own right. If you are one who appreciates cutting-edge technology, these materials will let you appreciate the exciting state of VR today and wonder about its full potential in the future.

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