Awkward: 'Summer Lesson' Gets English Trailers

Awkward: 'Summer Lesson' Gets English Trailers
January 23, 2017

Bandai Namco’s PlayStation VR Exclusive Summer Lesson is going to be released soon on the Asian market with English subtitles, and today the local arm of the publisher released two new trailers in a language you all can understand.


The trailers feature the first two DLCs released in Japan for the game, and that quite evidently will get releases in English as well.


The first, dubbed “2nd Contact,” lets you get slightly more “touchy feely” with Hikari-chan (nothing beyond perfectly innocent, of course), while the second, named “Cafe,” dresses her as a maid in a cafe environment, fulfilling the not-so-secret fantasy of every Japanese nerd, ever.


Teased at the end of the second video is the third DLC for the game, “Day Out,” and the fourth, which features the iconic summer festival fireworks.


You can check both videos out below, while we wait for a firm release date. For now the game is slated for an Asian release in early 2017.

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